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  • RXML 2.0 parser
  • RXML 2.0 tags
  • Accessed counter
  • Advanced wizards
  • Countdown
  • Folding lists
  • Indirect href
  • Kill frame
  • SED
  • SSI support
  • Spell checker
  • Tablify
  • WAP WML helper
  • Wizard generator
  • RXML

    The Roxen Macro Language, RXML, provides a number of tags which are used in the same way as HTML tags. Before the pages are sent to the browser, the RXML tags are parsed by the RXML 2.0 parser module, which in turn calls other modules to handle each tag. The RXML tags are then translated into normal HTML.

    Some RXML tags are only available when a certain module is loaded. These modules and tags are described briefly in the following sections.

    Note: The RXML 2.0 parser module must be loaded for any RXML parsing to be performed at all.