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DocsRoxen2.0Administrator ManualRXML

  • RXML 2.0 parser
  • RXML 2.0 tags
  • Accessed counter
  • Advanced wizards
  • Countdown
  • Folding lists
  • Indirect href
  • Kill frame
  • SED
  • SSI support
  • Spell checker
  • Tablify
  • WAP WML helper
  • Wizard generator
  • Spell checker

    Checks for misspelled words inside the <spell> tag.


    Defualt dictionary
    The default dictionary used, when not specified in the tag.
    If specified, only check spelling when this prestate is present.
    Defualt report type
    The default report type used, when not specified in the tag.
    Spell checker
    Spell checker program to use.