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  • RXML 2.0 parser
  • RXML 2.0 tags
  • Accessed counter
  • Advanced wizards
  • Countdown
  • Folding lists
  • Indirect href
  • Kill frame
  • SED
  • SSI support
  • Spell checker
  • Tablify
  • WAP WML helper
  • Wizard generator
  • Accessed counter

    This module provides accessed counters, through the <accessed> tag and the 110 entity.


    Access database file
    This file will be used to keep the database of file accesses.
    Close the database if inactive
    If set, the accessed database will be closed if it is not used for 8 seconds. This saves resourses on servers with many sites.
    Extensions to access count
    Always count accesses to files ending with these extensions. By default only accessed to files that actually contain a <accessed> tag or the 110 entity will be counted. Note: This module must be reloaded before a change of this setting takes effect.