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  • RXML 2.0 parser
  • RXML 2.0 tags
  • Accessed counter
  • Advanced wizards
  • Countdown
  • Folding lists
  • Indirect href
  • Kill frame
  • SED
  • SSI support
  • Spell checker
  • Tablify
  • WAP WML helper
  • Wizard generator
  • Indirect href

    Indirect href. Adds a new tag <ai name=> that works like <a href=> but uses a symbolic name instead of a URL. The symbolic name is translated to a proper URL and the tag rewritten to a proper <a href=> tag. The translation between symbolic names and URLs is stored in a module variable. The advantage of this module is that each URL will only be stored in one place and it becomes very easy to change it, no matter how many links use it. As an extra bonus the name random will be replaces by a random URL from the list.


    Indirect hrefs
    The URL database with the syntax: [name] = [URL]