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  • RXML 2.0 parser
  • RXML 2.0 tags
  • Accessed counter
  • Advanced wizards
  • Countdown
  • Folding lists
  • Indirect href
  • Kill frame
  • SED
  • SSI support
  • Spell checker
  • Tablify
  • WAP WML helper
  • Wizard generator
  • Kill frame

    This module defines a the tag <killframe> that adds some JavaScript that will prevent others from putting the page in a frame. It can also strip any occurrences of index files, like index.html, from the end of the URL.


    Remove index files from the URL
    If set, the module will remove occurrences of any index file from the end of the URL, leaving only a slash. The index file definition is taken from the active directory module.