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WebServer 5.4

Administrator Manual

WebServer Administrator (PDF 2.9M)

If Tags Tutorial (PDF 816.8K)
Database Tutorial (PDF 296.5K)
Web Developer Manual

RXML Scopes & Entities
Information Tags
Text Tags
Variable Tags
Protocol Tags
If Tags
Flow Tags
Graphics Tags
Emit Tags
Database Tags
Programming Tags
Javascript Support
SSI Tags
System Developer Manual Java

A request´s path through Roxen
A simple module
More module examples
Reference for Roxen Java classes
System Developer Manual Pike

A Request's Path Through Roxen
Important Concepts
Important Classes
The Roxen Module API
Roxen-specific Pike Modules
Programming Languages

About the Manuals

If you are looking for documentation for the commercial parts of our product line, e g SiteBuilder, LogView, IntraSeek, Roxen Platform's support for XSLT or similar, refer to the manual tab of your own server's administration interface; we do not provide those chapters of the manual on this site.

If you have suggestions, comments or complaints regarding this manual don't hesitate to send an email to and if the issue is an obvious bug don't hesitate to report it to Bugzilla, our bug tracking system.


The following typographical conventions will be used throughout this manual to indicate special parts of the text:


Fixed width

is used to indicate paths, URLs, HTML/RXML tags and code examples.


is used to indicate variables, modules, attributes, file-extensions and tabs. Italics is also used to indicate menu names and menu items, and to emphasize important words and expressions in plain text.


Indicates important information, e.g. information that is important to avoid problems or terms that are easily confused.

Layout issues

Many of the images in the manual are scaled down to half the original size to save space and maintain consistency throughout the manual. These images can often be enlarged for better viewing by clicking on them.