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Database Tags

The database tags interact with SQL databases or LDAP directories. They can input/output information used in creating everything from simple tables or forms, interactive graphical reports to complete web applications.

The LDAP directory tag <ldap> interacts with LDAP directories as well as LDAP accessible directories like Novell NDS or Microsoft Active Directory.

The database tags are almost always combined with other RXML tags. Together with for instance <vform>, the <sqlquery> tag can be used to put data collected from the form into a database.

<sqltable> together with <diagram> provides real-time diagrams and with <tablify> nice looking tables can be dynamically generated.

The <emit> plugins <emit sql> or <emit ldap> can also be used to search and list information from a SQL database or LDAP directory.

Each database tag needs to know which database it should connect to. This is specified by the host-attribute which usually is a symbolic name for the database that the administrator has configured in the SQL Databases module. It is also possible to specify the database host, user and password directly in the tags, but this is not recommended.