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When web server tasks that are too complex to do in RXML, or take too much time to run as RXML, need to be carried out, there are primarily two ways of doing this: writing scripts, or writing extension modules for the server. (Writing extension modules for the server is an advanced option, and not covered here. See the System Developer Manual for more information about writing Roxen modules.)

In the first few years of web server programming, scripts were launched through by means of a mechanism known as CGI (Common Gateway Interface), and this is still the most general and basic form of using script. Since then, some scripting languages have been given special support -- for the purpose of greater flexibility and improved performance -- in several web servers. In Roxen, there are primarily three scripting languages that have this kind of special support: Pike, Perl and Java.

Another scripting language is Javascript, but it is different from most other scripting languages in use on the Web in the sense that it is a client-side, not a server-side, language. Java (which should not be confused with Javascript) is both a server-side and a client-side language.