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Javascript Support

The Tags: Javascript Support module adds some RXML features, mostly to create popup windows with RXML contents inside. These tags are quite tightly dependent on one another, and hence most useful to demonstrate with examples. To fully use their potential, you need to be intimately familiar with javascript (or ECMAscript, to be true to the proper name of the language) programming - we can reccommend David Flanagan's excellent JavaScript: The Definitive Guide, 3rd Edition, for instance.

We could, for example, create a popup window with a few convenience links like this:

<js-include file="CrossPlatform.js"/> <js-include file="Popup.js"/> <style> <js-insert name="style"/> </style> <js-insert name="div" jswrite="jswrite"/> <js-insert name="javascript1.2"/> <js-popup args-variable="my-popup" oy="15" ox="0"> <gtext font="franklin_gothic_demi" scale="0.40" fgcolor="black" black="black">Teleport to</gtext> <obox> <a href="">roxen</a><br /> <a href="">docs</a><br /> <a href="">pike</a> </obox> </js-popup> <a ::="&;">Popup and away!</a>