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<insert file>
<insert href>
<insert realfile>
<insert scopes>
<insert variable>
<insert variables>

Variable Tags

Variable tags are mostly used to create new variables or change a variable's contents in some manner. Some of the tags can also be used to create new tags or insert various contents of variables, files, etc into a webpage.

Variables are mostly created with tags like <set> and <define> and are reached through entities (&scope.variable;). [More about variables]

Name Description Needed Module 
<append>   Appends a value to a variable. The variable attribute and one more is required.   RXML 2 tags  
<dec>   Subtracts 1 from a variable.   RXML 2 tags  
<define>   Defines variables, tags, containers and if-callers.   RXML 2 parser  
<inc>   Adds 1 to a variable.   RXML 2 tags  
<insert file>   Inserts the contents of a file.   RXML 2 tags  
<insert href>   Inserts the contents at that URL.   Additional RXML tags  
<insert realfile>   Inserts a raw, unparsed file.   RXML 2 tags  
<insert scopes>   Inserts a listing of all present scopes.   RXML 2 tags  
<insert variable>   Inserts the value of a variable.   RXML 2 tags  
<insert variables>   Inserts listing of all variables in a scope.   RXML 2 tags  
<insert>   Inserts a file, variable or other object into a webpage.   RXML 2 tags  
<scope>   Creates a new variable scope.   RXML 2 tags  
<set>   Sets a variable.   RXML 2 tags  
<sprintf>   Prints out variables with the formating functions availble in the Pike function sprintf.   Additional RXML tags  
<sscanf>   Extract parts of a string and put them in other variables.   Additional RXML tags  
<undefine>   Removes a definition made by the define container.   RXML 2 parser  
<unset>   Unsets a variable, i.e. removes it.   RXML 2 tags  
<use>   Reads tags, container tags and defines from a package or file.   RXML 2 parser  
<vform>   Creates a self verifying form.   Verified form