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  • <append>
  • <dec>
  • <define>
  • <inc>
  • <insert>
  • <scope>
  • <set>
  • <undefine>
  • <unset>
  • <use>
  • Variable tags

    Variable tags can be used to create dynamic web pages as well as making web pages that are easier to maintain. The tags have one thing in common, they store and retrieve information from different places:
    Form variables, as well as variables created with tags like <set> and <cset>. Variables are the backbone of RXML programming.

    Defines or macros are fully internal to the server. They are mostly used for to save authors typing repetitive blocks of text.

    It is possible to define new tags, or to redefine an existing HTML tag.

    Packages are ready-to-use defines and tags provided by the administrator of the server.

    It is possible to retrieve/insert information like defines, tags etc. from a file. <use> and <insert> can be used for this purpose.

    The variable tags are:

    Name Description  
    <append>   Appends a value to a variable. The variable attribute and one more is required.  
    <dec>   Subtracts 1 from a variable.  
    <define>   Defines variables, tags, containers and if-callers.  
    <inc>   Adds 1 to a variable.  
    <insert>   Inserts a file, variable or other object into a webpage.  
    <scope>   Creates a different variable scope.  
    <set>   Sets a variable.  
    <undefine>   Removes a definition made by the define container.  
    <unset>   Unsets a variable, i.e. removes it.  
    <use>   Reads tags, container tags and defines from a file or package.