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DocsRoxen2.0Web Site Creator ManualVariable tags

  • <append>
  • <dec>
  • <define>
  • <inc>
  • <insert>
  • <scope>
  • <set>
  • <undefine>
  • <unset>
  • <use>
  • <use></use>

    Reads tags, container tags and defines from a file or package.


    Show a all available packages.
    Reads all tags, container tags and defines from the given package. Packages are files located in local/rxml_packages/.
    Reads all tags and container tags and defines from the file.

    This file will be fetched just as if someone had tried to fetch it with an HTTP request. This makes it possible to use Pike script results and other dynamic documents. Note, however, that the results of the parsing are heavily cached for performance reasons. If you do not want this cache, use <insert file=... nocache /> instead.

    Show a list of all defined tags/containers and if arguments in the file
    The tag is much faster than the , since the parsed definitions is cached.