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2000 Roxen Internet Software
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  • <awizard>
  • <cache>
  • <crypt>
  • <debug>
  • <gauge>
  • <maketag>
  • <nooutput>
  • <noparse>
  • <pike>
  • <set-max-cache>
  • <trace>
  • Programming tags

    Programming tags are tags that can be used for advanced RXML such as making web applications. There are also tags of interest to module programmers. For anyone interested in combining programming with RXML there is the <pike> tag that lets you put pike code into RXML pages.

    The programming tags are:

    Name Description  
    <cache>   This simple tag RXML parse its contents and cache them using the normal Roxen memory cache.  
    <crypt>   Encrypts the contents as a Unix style password.  
    <debug>   Helps debugging RXML-pages as well as modules.  
    <gauge>   Measures how much CPU time it takes to run its contents through the RXML parser.  
    <maketag>  Makes it possible to create tags.  
    <nooutput>   The contents will not be sent through to the page.  
    <noparse>   The contents of this container tag won't be RXML parsed.  
    <pike>   This tag makes it possible to insert pike code directly in the document.  
    <set-max-cache>   Sets the maximum time this document can be cached in any ram caches.  
    <trace>   Executes the contained RXML code and makes a trace report about how the contents are parsed by the RXML parser.