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  • <awizard>
  • <cache>
  • <crypt>
  • <debug>
  • <gauge>
  • <maketag>
  • <nooutput>
  • <noparse>
  • <pike>
  • <set-max-cache>
  • <trace>
  • <crypt></crypt>

    Encrypts the contents as a Unix style password. Useful when combined with services that use such passwords.

    Unix style passwords are one-way encrypted, to prevent the actual clear-text password from being stored anywhere. When a login attempt is made, the password supplied is also encrypted and then compared to the stored encrypted password.


    Compares the encrypted string with the contents of the tag. The tag will behaive very much like an <if> tag.
    <crypt compare="LAF2kkMr6BjXw">Roxen</crypt>