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  • <ldap>
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  • LDAP tags

    The LDAP directory tags interact with LDAP directories as well as LDAP accessible directories like Novell NDS or Microsoft Active Directory.

    The directory tags can be combined with other RXML tags.

    Each directory operation tag needs to know which directory it should connect to. This is specified by the host, user, password and basedn-attribute.

    Note! Documentation for the LDAP tags is not yet available. See the Roxen Platform 1.3 documentation.

    The ldap tags are:

    Name Description  
    <ldap>   Executes a LDAP operation, but doesn't do anything with the result.  
    <ldapelse>  Displays the last error message.  
    <ldapfor>   Repeats the content for a multiple attribute values.  
    <ldapoutput>   Insert the results of a LDAP search into HTML or RXML.