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  • <ldap>
  • <ldapelse>
  • <ldapfor>
  • <ldapoutput>
  • <ldapoutput></ldapoutput>

    Insert the results of a LDAP search into HTML or RXML. The <ldapoutput> tag works like the old output tags. By default anything within #'s will be interpreted as a variable. Thus #attribute_name# will be replaced by the attribute value. ## will be replaced by a #.

    As the attribute can contains multiple values the #attribute_name# expression returns first value only. Second, third ... values can be specified by suffix before # (i.e second email value is written as #mail:2#). Obviously this isn't more often usable. Better solution is the subcontainer <ldapfor>.

    The <ldapoutput> tag will copy its contents and replace the named attribute for each row in the result. If the result is empty, the <ldapoutput> tag will not return anything.


    Hostname of server on which directory server will connect to. If omitted the default hostname will be used.
    User name for connection to the directory server. If omitted the default user name will be used.
    password=user password
    User password for connection to the directory server. If omitted the default will be used.
    basedn=base DN
    Base DN of an object where is started search of directory. Required.
    The scope of search directory.

    Note: The default value is base.

    sortby=attribute name
    The attribute name used for sorting output.

    Note: Only one attribute name can be used.

    Do not show any errors in the page, in case the query fails.
    If specified, the content will be parsed by the RXML parser.