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  • <diagram>
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  • Graphics tags

    Good looking graphics are an important part of the layout of web pages. But creating graphics can also be very time consuming, especially if it involves creating the same type of headings, only with different text.

    Therefore, Challenger features graphic tags that create images. They can be used to draw analog clocks and graphical headings as well as diagrams.

    File Formats

    Some of the tags take images as attributes. For example, to use as a background. The images can be of in GIF, JPEG, PNM or PNG format.

    Color Attributes

    Color attributes can be specified in one of the following ways:
    For example black or darkred.

    #RGB value
    The color is specified as a hexadecimal-digits, #RRGGBB. For example, #ffdead or #00ff00.

    @HSV value
    The color is specified with the syntax @h,s,v where h is the hue specified as degrees (0 to 359), s is the saturation specified as a percentage and v the value also specified as a percentage. For example, @150,70,70.

    %CMYK value
    The color is specified with the syntax %c,m,y,k where all the values are percentages. For example, %10,20,30,40.

    The graphics tags are:

    Name Description  
    <configimage>   Returns one of the internal Roxen configuration images.  
    <diagram>   The <diagram> tag is used to draw pie, bar, or line charts as well as graphs.   
    <gbutton-url>  Generates an URI to the button.  
    <imgs>   Generates a image tag with proper dimensions.