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2000 Roxen Internet Software
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  • Java support

    Roxen's Java support requires a Java 2.0 (or 1.2 since it is the same thing) compliant virtual machine. The binary distributions have been compiled against Suns JVM, to use the Java support it is necessary to install Sun JRE or JDK 1.2.

    To compile the Java support into a source release of Roxen it is necessary to have the full JDK installed.

    If you have java support loaded the Java servlet bridge module will appear among scripting modules, and the Java example module will be shown among the example modules.


    A Java servlet is installed by adding a copy of the Java Servlet bridge module. The servlet's location is configured in the Code directory variable, either as a directory or a jar file. The servlet itself is identified by the Class name variable. Each servlet gets its own location in Roxen's virtual file system, which is configured with the Servlet location variable.

    Java servlet bridge settings

    Parameters specified as name=value in the Parameters variable is sent to the servlet. The servlet can use RXML tags in its result if the Parse RXML in servlet output variable is enabled.

    Java servlet bridge information

    Once you have installed the servlet the modules information tab will show information about that module, or an error message in case the servlet could not be loaded.


    Java modules is just .class files or .jar files within the normal module directories. The example module is an example in the examples section. Java modules work exactly the same way as Pike modules.

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