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<emit atlas>
<emit captcha>
<emit cimg>
<emit dir>
<emit exec>
<emit fonts>
<emit imgs>
<emit js-dynamic-popup>
<emit js-hide-popup>
<emit languages>
<emit ldap>
<emit path>
<emit scopes>
<emit sources>
<emit spellcheck>
<emit sql>
<emit timerange>
<emit values>
<emit ws-dir>
<emit xml-db>

<emit source="js-hide-popup"></emit>

Provided by module: JavaScript Support: Tags

Creates a link event to hide popups. This plugin can be used in hierarchical menues on those links that are not popups, i.e. direct links on the same level as other links that leads to a popup.

<js-include file='CrossPlatform.js'/> <js-include file='Popup.js'/> <style><js-insert name='style'/></style> <js-insert name='div'/> <emit source='js-hide-popup'> <a href='index.xml' ::='&_.args;'>Hide</a> </emit><br /> <js-popup label='Show'> ... </js-popup>

&_.args;(provided by JavaScript Support: Tags)

The javascript event arguments.