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<emit source="js-dynamic-popup"></emit>

Provided by module: JavaScript Support: Tags

Creates a dynamic load popup. This plugin creates a link to a dynamic loaded popup. The content of the popup will be loaded from the specified url.

Before this tag can be used a layer with the same name as this popup must be created with the <js-dynamic-popup-div> tag.

In order to use this tag the components; CrossPlatform.js, Popup.js and DynamicLoading.js must be included in the page with the <js-include> tag.

Note that dynamic loaded layers don't work with Netscape 6 browsers. Please see the comment in the beginning of the DynamicLoading.js component file for more information.



The page that should be loaded inte the popup.


The name of the popup.

props="javascript object name"(default_props)

The name of the javascript PopupProperties object that is created by the tag. This object contains various properties for the popup. PopupProperties is defined in the Popup.js component and takes two arguments: x, and y offsets from the target event for positioning of the popup at a desired location.

There are some methods available in the object to set properties:


The time in ms it takes before the popup is hidden when the mouse leaves the popup (default is 300 ms).


If the popups parent is clicked a second time, the popup will be hidden if this method was called.


The x offset from the parent popups right border. This offset will only be used if the popup has a parent popup i.e. not at the top level. This offset overrides the x_offset.


The y offset from the parent popups bottom border. This offset will only be used if the popup has a parent popup i.e. not at the top level. This offset overrides the y_offset.


Sets the popup to this absolute x coordinate.


Sets the popup to this absolute y coordinate.

An example that loads index.xml into a popup layer when the link is clicked.

<js-include file='CrossPlatform.js'/> <js-include file='Popup.js'/> <js-include file='DynamicLoading.js'/> <js-dynamic-popup-div name='popup'/> <emit source='js-dynamic-popup' name='popup' src='index.xml'> <a href='javascript:void(0);' onClick='&_.event;'>Show</a> </emit>

&_.event;(provided by JavaScript Support: Tags)

The javascript event.