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Provided by module: Tags: RXML tags

Iterates over the component values of a string or a compound value. If it's a string, it's split into pieces using a separator string, and the plugin then iterates over the pieces. If it's a compound value like an array then the plugin iterates over its elements.



The value to iterate over. This attribute is required unless the "variable" or "from-scope" attribute is used.


Name of a variable from which the value are taken.


The string to split a string value with. Supplying an empty string results in the string being split between every single character. This has no effect if the value isn't a string.


If specified then the value isn't split, even when it is a string. Instead the plugin only evaluates its contents once using the whole string.

This is useful if a value might either be a single string or multiple strings as an array, and you want to iterate over each full string.

advanced="{lines, words, csv, chars}"

If the value is a string it can be split into multiple fields by using this attribute:


The input is split on individual line-feed and carriage-return characters and in combination. Note that the separator characters are not kept in the output values.


The input is split on the common white-space characters (line-feed, carriage-return, space and tab). White-space is not retained in the fields. Note that if a field ends with one of the punctuation marks '.', ',', ':', ';', '!' or '?', the punctuation mark will be removed.


(Characters) The input is split into individual characters.


(Comma-separated values) This input is first split into lines, and the lines then split into fields on ',' and ';' according to CSV quoting rules. Note that this results in a two-dimensional result.

case="{upper, lower}"

Change the case of each returned value.


Trim away all leading and trailing white space charachters from each returned value.

randomize="{yes, no}"

Outputs the values in random order if it has the value 'yes'.


If specified, values are only output once even if they occur several times.


Iterate over a scope like a mapping. &_.index; gets the name of each variable in it and &_.value; gets the corresponding value.

&_.index;(provided by Tags: RXML tags)

The index of one element. This is set if the value being iterated over is a mapping/scope or a multiset.

&_.value;(provided by Tags: RXML tags)

The value of one element or substring if a string is being split.