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<if accept>
<if client>
<if clientvar>
<if config>
<if cookie>
<if date>
<if defined>
<if domain>
<if exists>
<if expr>
<if false>
<if group>
<if internal-exists>
<if ip>
<if kerberos-auth>
<if language>
<if match>
<if Match>
<if module>
<if pragma>
<if prestate>
<if referrer>
<if sizeof>
<if supports>
<if time>
<if true>
<if type-from-data>
<if type-from-filename>
<if user>
<if variable>
<if Variable>

<if internal-exists></if>

Provided by module: Tags: RXML 2 tags

Returns true if the named page exists. If the page at the given path is nonviewable, e.g. matches the internal files patterns in the filesystem module, it will still be detected by this if plugin. If the path does not begin with /, it is assumed to be a URL relative to the directory containing the page with the if statement. 'Magic' files like /internal-roxen-unit will evaluate as true. This is a State plugin.



Choose what path in the virtual filesystem to test.