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<if accept>
<if client>
<if clientvar>
<if config>
<if cookie>
<if date>
<if defined>
<if domain>
<if exists>
<if expr>
<if false>
<if group>
<if internal-exists>
<if ip>
<if kerberos-auth>
<if language>
<if match>
<if Match>
<if module>
<if pragma>
<if prestate>
<if referrer>
<if sizeof>
<if supports>
<if time>
<if true>
<if type-from-data>
<if type-from-filename>
<if user>
<if variable>
<if Variable>

<if type-from-filename></if>

Provided by module: Tags: RXML 2 tags

Compares if the variable contains a path that match the content type pattern.

This is an Eval plugin.

Related tags: <if#type-from-data>, <cimg>, <guess-content-type>, <emit#dir>.

See a lengthier example under <if#type-from-data>.

  <set variable='var.path' value='/a-path/to somthing/wordfile.doc'/>
  <if type-from-filename='var.path is application/msword'>
    It is a word document.
    It is other document type that I do not want.
It is a word document.