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Resource administrators


An administrator of a specific resource can edit the base information for a resource. They can also change and remove existing reservations.

Resource administration

It is possible for a resource administrator to edit all available bookings, both bookings reserved by others or bookings made by the resource administrator. To edit a booking, first select a resource and click "Choose". Next, fill out the search form and click "Search". If the resource is available you will have the choice of reserving or reviewing the current resource. If not, the occupied resource will appear. Either way, the reservation can be edited or removed by clicking the "Object schedule" icon to bring up calender view.

At this view an administrator can shorten, extend, view information or delete a reservation. To change the reservation click the triangles at the edge of the box. Deleting is done by clicking the "x" icon. To view extended information, click the "Reservation info" icon.