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Site Information
Site Settings

Site Information

Site page

The site page contains information about the site as well as tabs for site settings and links to all modules. Exactly what information is shown is controlled by the settings under the Admin / Your settings tab. From the site page it is possible to configure the site settings, add or delete modules with the Add module and Drop module buttons as well as focusing on a module by following the module's link. The module related buttons are described in detail in the Modules chapter.


URLs lists the URLs that this site is available as. The first link links to the site itself, the second link (handled by) links to the port that handles this URL. The port is under the Ports tab and is described in detail in the Ports chapter.


Events lists the part of the event log that relates to this site. The full event log is available under the Events tab. All logs are described in detail in the Logs chapter.

Request Status

The request status gives the number of requests and amount of data sent and received by this site since the server was restarted. Since it only counts since the server was restarted it is not always relevant, the full information is available in the access log file, which is described in detail in the Logs chapter.

Cache Status

Cache status gives information about how well the data cache has performed for this site. The data cache is used to get better performance for frequently visited pages of files. The Data cache tab controls the cache. It is described in detail further down.

Only sites with high traffic need the data cache, for normal sites the performance is enough without it.