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Site Information
Site Settings

Site Settings

Site settings

The site settings are divided into four tabs: Cache, Logging, Settings and Throttling. The most important settings are under Settings. Throttling controls the bandwidth throttling system that makes it possible to limit how much bandwidth is used by the site.

Cache controls the data cache that gives better performance to high traffic sites. Logging controls what is written to the log files and is described in detail in the Logs chapter.


Some site related settings are also done under the Port tab and some settings done in various modules could be considered being site settings.


The important site settings control how the site is accessible from the world. The URLs variable controls the URLs this site binds to. How a URL is translated into a port is described in the Ports chapter.

The Primary Server URL is the URL that is used when the site is referring to itself, for example when performing redirects. Modules frequently read this setting when creating URLs to the site. If the site can be reached by several URLs this should be the preferred one.

Default site controls which site will be chosen if there are several to chose from. This is described in more detail in the Ports chapter.

Domain is the domain name of the site, used by modules in the site when they need to refer to a domain. It is, for example, used to create email addresses by some RXML tags.

No such file message contains the error message sent if a page could not be found, and makes the Page not found message configurable. It should be changed to something more appropriate for the site itself, rather than being a standard message. For example something linking to a commonly viewed page on the site.

404 Page not found


The bandwidth throttling settings make it possible to limit the bandwidth given to each site and to each request. A number of modules can be used to tune the actual bandwidth throttling scheme. See the Modules chapter for more information about them. The bandwidth throttling system must be enabled before these modules can do anything.


The data cache is used to cache static pages that get accessed a lot. The RXML parser figures out whether a page is static or not by letting each tag tell whether it can be cached or not.

The data cache is used to speed up delivery of pages that are accessed frequently. The configuration options are Cache size which is the maximum size of the data cache and Max file size which is the maximum size of a file in the cache.

Only sites with high traffic need the data cache.

The Cache status header on the site page shows how well the data cache is performing as well as how much memory it is using.

There are other caches in Roxen as well, though the data cache is the only one that stores full files. The Status / Cache status task shows information about all the caches.