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About RXML
Why Roxen?

About RXML

The Roxen Macro Language (RXML) is a scripting language offering a number of tags extending the sometimes limited power of HTML.

RXML does not try to be a programming language, instead it tries to be as simple to use as HTML, by sharing the same tag-based syntax.

RXML is made to be easy to learn, especially for people with skills in HTML and is also an XML compliant scripting language. RXML can be extended with new tags by writing new modules or creating wrapper tags for other kinds of scripts.

RXML makes it significantly easier to embed dynamic scripting in HTML pages. Web designers can use the RXML tags themselves without having to learn programming, and programmers can create new RXML tags that can be reused on any number of pages.

Before web pages are sent to the browser, the RXML tags are parsed by the RXML parser module and translated into normal HTML.

Sounds good to you? Take your time to read through some lessons of this tutorial to learn more about the powerful Roxen Macro Language.