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<?comment ?>

Text Tags

Text tags are container tags that process their contents somehow. Examples are <sort>, that sorts its contents and <tablify>, that creates good looking tables from tab separated text files.

Name Description Needed Module 
<?comment ?>   Processing instruction tag for comments.   RXML 2 parser  
<ai>   Makes it possible to use a database of links.   Indirect href  
<autoformat>   Replaces newlines with <br/>:s'.   RXML 2 tags  
<case>   Alters the case of the contents.   RXML 2 parser  
<comment>   The enclosed text will be removed from the document.   RXML 2 parser  
<default>   Used to set default values for form elements.   RXML 2 tags  
<doc>   Eases code documentation by reformatting it.   RXML 2 tags  
<foldlist>   This tag is used to build folding lists, that are like <dl> lists, but where each element can be unfolded.   Folding lists  
<obox>   This tag creates an outlined box.   Outlined box  
<random>   Randomly chooses a message from its contents.   RXML 2 tags  
<replace>   Replaces strings in the contents with other strings.   RXML 2 tags  
<smallcaps>   Prints the contents in smallcaps.   RXML 2 tags  
<sort>   Sorts the contents.   RXML 2 tags  
<strlen>   Returns the length of the contents.   RXML 2 parser  
<tablify>   Transforms texts into tables.   Tablify  
<trimlines>   Removes all empty lines from the contents.   RXML 2 tags  
<wash-html>   Turns a text into HTML.   HTML washer