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Graphics Tags

Roxen WebServer features a very advanced graphics engine. Together with output from a database or/and data from the live server the graphics engine can present information that makes a site feel alive. The graphics engine can be set up to automatically generate very nice-looking headers, diagrams, buttons, thumbnails and many other Web graphics :


Through <cimg> images can be transformed and converted to any of the almost 20 image-formats available.

Business Graphics

Generate online reports dynamically with <diagram>, represented as line, bar, pie charts and many other diagrams.

Graphical Headers

Roxen WebServer supports many font-formats and makes it easy to import them. By combining fonts with images and graphical effects very eyecatching headers can be made. For instance, it is possible to set the ordinary HTML-tag <h1> to output a graphical header instead of ordinary boring headers. Graphical headers can be made with <gtext> and <gh>.

Good looking graphics are an important part of the layout of web pages. Creating graphics can also be very demanding of the site's hardware, especially if it involves transforming, converting and rendering of a lot of images or graphics. It is also important to not overdo the website's layout else people with slow connections will not be able to enjoy it since it will take forever to download it.

File Formats

Some of the tags take images as attributes. For example, to use as a background. The images can be of most formats including GIF, JPEG, PSD and PNG.

Color Attributes

Color attributes can be specified in one of the following ways:


For example black or darkred.

#RGB value

The color is specified as a hexadecimal-digits, #RRGGBB. For example, #ffdead or #00ff00.

@HSV value

The color is specified with the syntax @h,s,v where h is the hue specified as degrees (0 to 359), s is the saturation specified as a percentage and v the value also specified as a percentage. For example, @150,70,70.

%CMYK value

The color is specified with the syntax %c,m,y,k where all the values are percentages. For example, %10,20,30,40.

Name Description Needed Module 
<cimg-url>   This tag generates an URI to the manipulated picture.   Image converter  
<cimg>   Manipulates and converts images between different image formats.   Image converter  
<colorscope>   Makes it possible to change the autodetected colors within the tag.   HTML color wiretap  
<configimage>   Returns one of the internal Roxen configuration images.   RXML 2 tags  
<diagram>   The <diagram> tag is used to draw pie, bar, or line charts as well as graphs.   Business graphics  
<gbutton-url>   Generates an URI to the button.   GButton  
<gbutton>   Creates graphical buttons.   GButton  
<gh>   Creates a graphical header.   Graphic text  
<gtext-id>   Returns an internal URL to an image with the specified gtext attributes applied.   Graphic text  
<gtext-url>   Returns an internal URL to an image with the specified attributes applied.   Graphic text  
<gtext>   Creates an image with the tag content texts.   Graphic text  
<imgs>   Generates a image tag with proper dimensions.   RXML 2 tags  
<tablist>   <tablist> produces graphical navigationtabs.   Tab list