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Browser Support

The Roxen Browser Feature Support database makes it possible to use features that are only supported by a few browsers and still be compatible with all browsers. This is done through a database of features supported by the different browsers. The <if> tag together with the if-plugin supports is then used on the pages to make them more dynamic and sensitive to which browsers that use different capabilities.

Pages are not customized for a certain browser, but rather for browsers that support different features. When a new browser is released, all that is necessary is to determine what features it supports. Once that has been done, and the database updated, all pages using the supports database will work with it.

Some features might work to a lesser degree on some browsers. Old versions of the Macintosh version of Netscape support JavaScripts, but some JavaScripts make the Netscape browser hang. If you have such JavaScripts, you would probably want the supports database to make sure they are not sent to that version of Netscape. On the other hand, if you have less complicated JavaScripts you will probably want to send them.

To make the supports database work for you, you might need to tweak it yourself. This can be done by the Roxen WebServer administrator by changing the Client supports regexps variable. It is available under the Globals / Settings.

Since new browsers get released all the time, updated versions of the supports database are by default fetched regularly from our update server at