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Administration Interface

Administration interface

Configuration and maintenance of Roxen is handled by the web-based administration interface. The administrator connects to the interface with a browser and can then access all configuration options and maintenance tasks.


The administration interface consists of seven tabs; Admin, Sites, Globals, Ports, Events, Tasks and Docs. The Admin tab contains settings for the administration interface itself as well as the update client that can download new versions or Roxen and additional software.

The Sites tab contains the web- and ftp sites handled by the Roxen server, as well as all module configurations. Most of the administration work is done on the Sites tab.

The Globals tab contains configuration settings affecting the whole Roxen server, such as where to find modules or which UID to run under. The Ports tab contains all port settings, that is the http or ftp ports used by the web- or ftp sites. Since several sites can share the same port the port settings are located on a separate tab.

The Event tab contains the event log, a web based version of the debug log. Error messages for the entire web server will be written here. Error messages relating to a certain site or module are also written to the site or module page.

The Tasks tab contains support wizards that are not related to configuring the server but some other task, such as restarting the server, flushing memory caches or getting debug status.

The Docs tab contains the online documentation.

Administration Interface Site

The administration interface is in fact a site almost like any other web site handled by Roxen. It is implemented using RXML and a few custom modules. It is however not recommended to do any changes to the module settings of the administration interface site. The only setting that can be changed is the URL.

The administration interface site should use https, to get a secure connection. It is however necessary to create a new certificate to make this secure, since it will use the demo certificate shipped with Roxen by default. Since anyone who downloads Roxen can get that certificate it is not secure.