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  • WML support tags

    The Roxen WebServer WAP/WML support allows for fast and easy development of pages for WAP-enabled phones.

    As different WAP phones have different browsers that function differently and support different versions of WML the Roxen WebServer WML support includes a system that handles all phones individually. The WML support also allows for automatic conversion of contents between the WML 1.0 and 1.1 open standards. This has great impacts as it regards WAP content management/ application development, which will become very much simplified. Further, Roxen WebServer automatically converts any image (standard Web image like GIF/JPEG/PNG, or others) to the specific b/w format (WBMP) that WAP phones understand.

    The automatic conversion for different WAP phones and different Web browsers is handled by the "Roxen Browser Feature Supports" database. This holds the information of what features each browser can handle, and that is used to automatically customize the output sent.

    When developing WAP-pages the developer only needs to know which WML-standard to support.

    The wml support tags are:

    Name  Description
    RXML run error: Emit dir couldn't find any contents.
     | <emit glob="*.tag" source="dir">
     | <tablify cellseparator="  
    " evenbgcolor="#f0f0f0" nice="" oddbgcolor="#ffffff" rowseparator="\244" titlebgcolor="#ff8c00">