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  • <ai>
  • <autoformat>
  • <case>
  • <comment>
  • <default>
  • <doc>
  • <foldlist>
  • <obox>
  • <random>
  • <replace>
  • <smallcaps>
  • <sort>
  • <strlen>
  • <tablify>
  • <trimlines>
  • <foldlist></foldlist>

    This tag is used to build folding lists, that are like <dl> lists, but where each element can be unfolded. The tags used to build the lists elements are <ft> and <fd>.


    Will make all the elements in the list unfolded by default.


    This tag is used within the foldlist tag. The contents of this container, that is not within an fd, tag will be visible both when the element is folded and unfolded.
    Will make this element folded by default. Overrides an unfolded attribute set in the foldlist tag.
    Will make this element unfolded by default.


    The contents of this container will only be visible when the element it is written in is unfolded.

         <fd>Contents 1</fd>
         <fd>Contents 2</fd>