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  • <ai>
  • <autoformat>
  • <case>
  • <comment>
  • <default>
  • <doc>
  • <foldlist>
  • <obox>
  • <random>
  • <replace>
  • <smallcaps>
  • <sort>
  • <strlen>
  • <tablify>
  • <trimlines>
  • <ai></ai>

    Makes it possible to use a database of links. Each link is referred to by a symbolic name instead of the URL.

    The database is updated through the configuration interface. The tag is available through the



    Which link to fetch from the database. There is a special case, name='random' that will choose a random link from the database.
    <ai name='roxen'>Roxen Platform</ai>
    Roxen Platform