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    Many changes has occured within the webserver since Roxen Challenger 1.3 was released. A total redesign of RXML has been made. The intention was to make RXML into a XML-compliant markup language. XML is now the preferable document format. However, full compatability with earlier versions of Roxen Challenger is ensured.

    To improve usability the consistency in RXML has been greatly improved. Names for tags, attributes and arguments now have a similar name convention and are more easy to remember.

    The RXML redesign includes the introduction of Scopes into RXML. This has made it is possible to reach a lot of the Roxen WebServer's internal data easily. Gathering statistics and putting them on a web site has never been easier. All variables in RXML can now be reached with a scope.

    No more quoting problems. In Roxen Challenger 1.3 it was awkward to write complex applications. RXML tags like <sqloutput> and <formoutput> had serious quoting problems and nestling tags was a pain. This has now been remedied with the scope system and a new intelligent output tag; the <emit> tag. This tag has functionality to help parsing quotes i.e. in SQL-queries. Also, together with scopes, different quoting-characters is not necessary anymore.

    With the general redesign of RXML, it's parser has a more advanced caching engine with a better memorymanagement to prevent from unnecessary parsing.

    WAP and WML support is now part of the Roxen WebServer. To help building advanced WAP applications a special set of WML tags has been designed.

    Compatibility with older versions

    Websites built with earlier versions of Roxen Challenger won't operate properly or not at all under Roxen WebServer unless certain issues are solved. Read more about compatibility here.