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With the redesign of RXML many tags have been rewritten to better fit into the new RXML design, some have been obsolete because of redundency matters or simply because better tags have been invented.

New vs. old sites

With the new RXML design there is a downside. The RXML syntax in Roxen Challenger 1.3 and Roxen WebServer 2.0 isn't compatible. This means that old websites built with Roxen Challenger won't operate properly under Roxen WebServer 2.0. To ensure full functionality in Roxen WebServer 2.0 one of these items has to be fulfilled.

  • Make the RXML code compatible with XML by adding /'s (slash) to all the tags, enclose all tag attributes with "'s (quotationmark) and remove tags like <formoutput> and <sqloutput>. Read more about RXML and XML here.
  • Add the appropriate 'Compatibility modules' to the site. The old RXML code on the site will now function exactly as it did in Roxen Challenger 1.3. Ask an administrator to enable the appropriate modules.