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  • <accessed>
  • <countdown>
  • <date>
  • <help>
  • <modified>
  • <number>
  • <roxen>
  • <user>
  • Information tags

    Information tags are simple tags that provide information about the client, the server or some external event. Examples are the <accessed> tag, that counts accesses to the page and the <modified> tag which shows when the page was last updated.

    The information tags are:

    Name Description  
    <accessed>  Generates an access counter that shows how many times the page has been accessed.  
    <countdown>   This tag can count days, minutes, months, etc. from a specified date or time.  
    <date>   Inserts the time and date.  
    <help>   Gives help texts for tags.  
    <modified>   Prints when or by whom a page was last modified.  
    <number>   Prints a number as a word.  
    <roxen>   Returns a nice Roxen logo.  
    <user>   Prints information about the specified user.