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  • <catch>
  • <cond>
  • <for>
  • <throw>
  • Flow tags

    Flow tags controls and guides the flow of RXML code through conditions and error checking. Like the If tags these tags can be used to create advanced dynamic pages. These tags are unlike the If tags as they don't take any attributes that processes or finds information, only attributes that affect the tag itself.

    The tags <throw> and <catch> for instance, are used to help programmers more easily debug their code.

    The flow tags are:

    Name Description  
    <catch>   Evaluates the RXML code, and, if nothing goes wrong, returns the parsed contents.  
    <cond>  This tag makes a boolean test on a specified list of cases.  
    <for>   Makes it possible to create loops in RXML.  
    <throw>   Throws a text to be catched by <catch>.