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    This scope contains information specific to this page.

    Whether this file is the current file or if this directory is a directory within the path to the current file. Only one entry will be selected.

    Path to this file in the virtual filesystem.

    The "path info" part of the URL, if any. Can only get set if the "Path info support" module is installed. For details see the documentation for that module.

    This file's size, in bytes.

    The URL to this file, from the web server's root or point of view.

    The query part of the page URI.

    The name of this file.

    The strength in bits of the current SSL connection.

    The root of the present virtual filesystem.

    Path to this file in the file system.

    What language the contens of this file is written in. The language must be given as metadata to be found.

    The name of the current scope, i.e. the scope accessible through the name "_".

    Generates an access counter that shows how many times the page has been accessed.

    Is 1 if the last <if>-statement succeeded, otherwise 0. (<true/> and <false/> is considered as <if>-statements here)

    Returns the file's content-type.

    Returns the title of the file, set in the metadata.

    Returns the full internal SiteBuilder URL to the page's current status image. The status image tells if the page has been modified etc. from the viewer's point of view. This is the same status icon as used by the Content Editor.

    Returns the filename.

    Returns the description of the file, set in the metadata.

    Returns the unique id of the workarea. Useful when doing web applications.

    Returns the full internal SiteBuilder URL to the page in the Content Editor, focusing on the file.

    Returns the name of the workarea where the viewed page is stored.

    Returns the internal SiteBuilder URI to where the file's content-type image is stored.

    Returns the string "read" or "write" depending on whether the viewer has permission to write in the file or not.

    Returns the keywords of the file, set in the metadata.

    Returns the current page's selected template.