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  • <sqlquery>
  • <sqltable>
  • Database tags

    The database tags interact with SQL databases. They can be used to create interactive graphical reports as well as complete web applications.

    The database tags are almost always combined with other RXML tags. Together with the <diagram> tag they provide real-time diagrams, with the <tablify> tag they provide nice looking tables. Combined with the <wizard> or <awizard> tag they make easy-to-use web applications.

    Each database tag needs to know which database it should connect to. This is specified by the host-attribute which usually is a symbolic name for the database that the administrator has configured in the SQL databases module. It is also possible to specify the database host, user and password directly in the tags, but this is not recommended. See the Database chapter in the Administrator's manual for the syntax.

    The database tags are:

    Name Description  
    <sqlquery>   Executes an SQL query, but doesn't do anything with the result.  
    <sqltable>   Creates an HTML or ASCII table from the results of an SQL query.