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  • Supports flags
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  • Supports flags

    The following is a list of available supports flags.

    Name Description  
    activex  The browser handles activeX contents.   
    align  The browser supports the align attribute in its tags.   
    autogunzip  The browser can decode a gunzipped file on the fly.   
    backgrounds  The browser supports backgrounds according to the HTML3 specifications.   
    bigsmall  The browser supports the <big> and <small> tags.   
    center  The browser supports the <center> tag.   
    cookies  The browser can receive cookies.   
    divisions  The browser supports <div> tags.   
    div  Same as divisions.   
    font  The browser supports the font tag.   
    fontcolor  The browser can change color of individual characters.   
    forms  The browser supports forms according to the HTML 2.0 and 3.0 specifications.   
    frames  The browser supports frames.   
    gifinline  The browser can show GIF images inlined.   
    html  This is a HTML browser (as opposed to e.g. a WAP browser).   
    imagealign  The browser supports align=left and align=right in images.   
    images  The browser can display images.   
    java  The browser supports Java applets.   
    javascript  The browser supports javascripts.   
    jpeginline  The browser can show JPEG images inlined.   
    js_global_event  The browser supports a global event object e.g. netscape 4.   
    js_image_object  The browser supports the javascript image object.   
    js_inner_html  The browser supports the javascript propperty innerHTML.   
    layer  The browser supports the layer tag.   
    mailto  The browser supports mailto URLs.   
    math  The <math> tag is correctly displayed by the browser.   
    msie  This is a Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.   
    noscript  The browser honours the <noscript> tag (by showing its contents only when javascript is not on).   
    phone  The client is a phone.   
    pjpeginline  The browser can handle progressive JPEG images, .pjpeg, inline.   
    pnginline  The browser can handle PNG images inlined.   
    pull  The browser handles Client Pull.   
    push  The browser handles Server Push.   
    robot  The request really comes from a web robot, not an actual browser.   
    ssl  The browser handles secure sockets layer.   
    stylesheets  The browser supports stylesheets.   
    supsub  The browser handles <sup> and <sub> tags correctly.   
    tables  The browser handles tables according to the HTML3.0 specification.   
    tablecolor  It is possible to set the background color in the browser.   
    tableimages  It is possible to set a backgroud image in a table in the browser.   
    unknown  The browser is not known, hence the supports classes can not be trusted.   
    vrml  The browser supports VRML.   
    wbmp0  The browser supports Wireless Bitmap Picture Format, type 0.   
    wml1.0  The browser supports Wireless Markup Language 1.0.   
    wml1.1  The browser supports Wireless Markup Language 1.1.