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  • Supports flags
  • File syntax
  • File syntax

    By default, the supports database is located in the file server/etc/supports which is updated automatically from the update server at

    The server/etc/supports file should not be edited directly, since that might interfere with the automatic updates. If you need to tweak the supports database it is better to create your own local supports file, and change the Client supports regexps variable.

    The syntax used is: pattern feature, -feature, ...

    If the regular expression pattern matches the name of the client, all features will be added to the list of features handled by the client. If '-' is prefixed to the name of the feature, it will be removed instead.

    \ can be used to escape newlines.

    Values in the *key=value form will have its value copied to the variable named key in the client namespace.

    If a line starts with '#', it is skipped, unless it is any of the following

    which means include the contents of that file here.

    which means replace all occurrences of the word from with to.

    which is used to speed up parsing. If the name of the client matches pattern it will go through the section. If the pattern doesn't match the entire section will be skipped.