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RXML Tutorial

The purpose of the RXML tutorial is to teach the many features of the Roxen Macro Language (RXML) to users involved in editing, publishing and programming web pages. This will be done both by giving knowledge about features and by creating real examples that illustrate how to turn the knowledge into pratical use.

The tutorial is intended both for pure beginners of RXML and for users already familiar with RXML looking for usage examples.

It is assumed that the reader is well familiar with HTML and have some knowledge about XML. These issues will not be discussed at all in this Tutorial. Skills in programming languages are not required.


The tutorial is divided into lessons, each handling a different subject of RXML. Lessons are split into sections, gradually discussing more complex details of the subject.

A lesson starts with an introduction presenting the subject and the different sections. After this, the sections follow. Finally, a summary is found, containing the essence of the lesson and references to other sources of knowledge.

A section starts with explaining the scope, what knowledge will be gained and which example(s) that will be shown. Then a knowledge part follows, containing details used in the following example part. At the end you'll find a summary with the essence of the section and a short pointer to the next section.


The lessons are designed so that you can move around as you please. Feel free to read only the sections that interest you. For navigation, use the arrows leading to the preceding/following section (left/right arrows) or to the Introduction page (up arrow). For your convenience, all section headlines are displayed as links below the upper arrow group, leading directly to that section.

Before you Begin...

  • For a list of available lessons with a brief introduction, see Contents.

  • If you wonder what RXML is, see About RXML for an introduction.

  • For an introduction of the award winning Roxen Platform, see Why Roxen?.

Users interested in how to write pages that really take advantage of the special features of Roxen Platform, should also read the Web Site Creator Manual. Information about managing a Roxen Platform server is found in the Administrator Manual. The User Manual focuses on editing pages in a Roxen Platform environment.

Happy reading!