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Library methods

This chapter gives an overview of the various methods available to a module that has inherited roxenlib.

string html_encode_string( string s )
convert a string to HTML by quoting all characters that have special meaning in HTML. Should always be used when inserting user input into RXML code.

string html_decode_string( string s )
convert an HTML string to a plain string by unquoting HTML escape sequences.

string do_output_tag( mapping args, array (mapping) var_array, string contents, object id )
is used to process output tags, like <sqloutput>. att is the attributes sent to the tag, they are necessary since there are certain attributes that affect all output tag. var_array contains an array of mappings with string, string pairs. do_output_tag() will loop over the array and insert the variables in the mappings in appropriate places in the contents.

string make_tag( string tag, mapping att )
creates a HTML tag with the name tag and the attributes from att.

string make_container( string tag, mapping att, string contents )
creates a HTML container tag, with the name tag the attributes att and the contents contents.

string parse_rxml( string rxml, object id );
runs the RXML parser on the string rxml.