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Provided by module: Tags: RXML tags

Creates a single value from its contents or some other source. This is mainly useful to build the elements in array or mapping contexts. E.g:

<set variable="var.arr" type="array"> <value>apple</value> <value>orange</value> <value>banana</value> </set> &var.arr;
Array result: ({"apple", "orange", "banana"})

This tag takes a "type" attribute to set the type of its content, just like e.g. <set>. That can be useful e.g. to build arrays inside arrays:

<value type="array"> <value>1</value> <value type="array"> <value>1.1</value> <value>1.2</value> </value> <value>2</value> </value>
Array result: ({"1", ({"1.1", "1.2"}), "2"})

Note that a variable with an array value is normally spliced into an array context. Here too an extra <value> tag is useful to make it a nested array:

<set variable="var.x" split=",">a,b</set> <value type="array"> <!-- Insert all the elements in var.x --> &var.x; <!-- Compare to the following that adds the var.x array as a single element. --> <value>&var.x;</value> </value>
Array result: ({"a", "b", ({"a", "b"})})



The type of the content and the result (except if it's "array" - then the result is "any" to avoid splicing the array into the surrounding array, as shown above). Defaults to "any".


Used when the surrounding type is a mapping. This specifies the index for the value. E.g:

<value type="mapping"> <value index="1">first</value> <value index="2">second</value> <value index="3">third</value> </value>
Mapping result: (["1": "first", "2": "second", "3": "third"])

This attribute cannot be left out when a mapping is constructed, and it must not be given otherwise.


Get the value from this variable. The content must be empty if this is used.


An expression that gets evaluated to produce the value. The content must be empty if this is used.