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<insert variables/>

Provided by module: Tags: RXML tags

Inserts a listing of all variables in a scope. In a string or text context, the variables are formatted according to the "variables" attribute. Otherwise the scope is returned as-is, i.e. as a mapping.


It is possible to create a scope with an infinite number of variables. When such a scope is listed in string form (or iterated over with <emit source="values">), it is up to the implementation which variables are included in the list, i.e. it will not cause any problem except that all variables will not be listed. An implementation of a limited scope might also hide variables so that they don't get listed by this tag.

Compatibility note: If the compatibility level is less than 5.0 then a string list is always returned.


variables="{full, plain}"

Specifies how the output will be formatted in a string context, as shown by the following example. The default is "plain".

<set variable="var.a">hello</set> <set variable="var.b" type="int">4711</set> <set variable="var.c" split=" ">x y z</set> <pre><insert source="variables" variables="full" scope="var"/></pre> <hr /> <pre><insert source="variables" variables="plain" scope="var"/></pre>
c=({ /* 3 elements */

a, b and c


The name of the scope that should be listed, if not the present scope.