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<insert cached-href>
<insert file>
<insert href>
<insert realfile>
<insert scopes>
<insert variable>
<insert variables>

<insert file/>

Provided by module: Tags: RXML tags

Inserts the contents of a file. It reads files in a way similar to if you fetched the file with a browser, so the file may be parsed before it is inserted, depending on settings in the RXML parser. Most notably which kinds of files (extensions) that should be parsed. Since it reads files like a normal request, e.g. generated pages from location modules can be inserted. Put the tag <eval> around <insert> if the file should be parsed after it is inserted in the page. This enables RXML defines and scope variables to be set in the including file (as opposed to the included file). You can also configure the file system module so that files with a certain extension can not be downloaded, but still inserted into other documents.



The virtual path to the file to be inserted.

<eval><insert file=''/></eval>


Decode the character encoding before insertion.

Used to decode the transport encoding for the inserted file.


Optionally add this language at the top of the list of preferred languages.