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<?comment ?>


Provided by module: Tags: RXML tags

The enclosed text will be removed from the document. The difference from a normal SGML (HTML/XML) comment is that the text is removed from the document, and can not be seen even with view source in the browser.

Note that since this is a normal tag, it requires that the content is properly formatted. Therefore it's often better to use the <?comment ... ?> processing instruction tag to comment out arbitrary text (which doesn't contain '?>').

Just like any normal tag, the <comment> tag nests inside other <comment> tags. E.g:

<comment> a <comment> b </comment> c </comment>

Here 'c' is not output since the comment starter before 'a' matches the ender after 'c' and not the one before it.



Parse and execute any RXML inside the comment tag. This can be used to do stuff without producing any output in the response. This is a compatibility argument; the recommended way is to use <nooutput> instead.