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Provided by module: JavaScript Support: Tags

The tag creates an external javascript file containing the content of the tag in javascript document.write fashion. When the browser loads the document the external file will write the contents back to the document.

This tag can be used to exclude some parts of the document, replacing each with a reference to an external file. By sharing fragments that are identical and occur in several pages, page loading time can be shortened. The gain depends on the cache policy of the browser.

An important issue is that if the server uses a https port then the browsers won't cache the external files and using this tag will not result in increased performance.

Note that it is not possible to put a <js-insert> tag inside this tag because that tag uses a filter module to insert its content. Other RXML tags should work, however.

Note that this tag is not compatible with serverside persistent caching because the generated external file is only stored in the servers memory. A restart of the server will clear the information about the external files but the referenses to them do still exists in pages that are cached persistent.