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Options for configure
Options for ./start

Server Maintenance


This chapter covers using command line options when starting Roxen CMS and custom options when compiling Roxen CMS from source.

Using the configure command

This command is used exclusively when installing Roxen CMS from source. Check the Software Installation for further instructions on installation from source.

Using command line options

The section covers passing various options when starting Roxen CMS. This is mainly used for debugging purposes.

Unix/Linux example:

root@www:~/usr/local/roxen$ ./start --once --remove-dumped
          : Maximum number of open FDs: 1024
          : Server start command:
          :     /usr/local/roxen/server-4.0.425/bin/roxen
          :     -DMODULE_DEBUG
          :     -DRAM_CACHE
          :     -DENABLE_THREADS
          :     -M/usr/local/roxen/server-4.0.425/etc/modules
          :     -M/usr/local/roxen/local/pike_modules
          :     -I/usr/local/roxen/server-4.0.425/etc/include
          :     -I/usr/local/roxen/server-4.0.425/base_server
          :     -P/usr/local/roxen/server-4.0.425
          :     -w
          :     base_server/roxenloader.pike
          :     --once=1
          :     --pid-file=../configurations/_roxen_pid
11:30:32  : -----------------------------------------------------------------
 0m 0.0s  : Pike version:      Pike v7.4 release 340
          : Product version:   Roxen CMS 4.0.425-release5
          : Operating system:  Linux 2.6.12-10-amd64-k8 (x86_64)
          : Starting MySQL ... Done 4.0.18-standard [148.1ms]

Microsoft Windows:
Passing command line options can be done in two ways. Either by setting additional parameters in the \roxen\local\environment.ini file or by setting the options when starting the Roxen CMS from the command line.